Nepa-Laya, promoting art and creation

Nepa-Laya, a powerful house of event management, book publication, music production and film making was established in 2001 with an objective of providing a platform for every Nepali creative artist.

Dedicated and focused on providing a platform, Nepa-Laya attempts to bring back the artist from yesteryears who, in present are absent from the musical world. It has built a reputation for originality and innovative thinking and whatever they do, they never focus on obstacles. They rather seem to focus on possibilities than the obstacles. Not only to Nepali creative artist but it also provides a platform for Nepali authors by publication of their books. They have published books by Narayan Wagle’s Palpasa Café and Mayur Times, Kunda Dixit’s A People War Triology, and Sanjeeb Upreti’s Ghanchakkar, along with Praksash Subedi’s Chori Juwai Bhetna America. Nep-Laya recently got approval for authorized translation and is working to launch books on Nepali interest. It is also planning to launch a biography of Ani Choying Dolma written by the French author Matthieu Ricard.


Kiran Shrestha, the team leader for Nepa-Laya, has worked with different artists, musicians, writers and film makers for the promotion of musical events in Nepal. He is also an independent film maker by hobby whose first documentary film named ‘Bheda Ko Oon Jasto’ was the first non-fiction film ever released in the movie theaters in Nepal. One who is inspired by satisfaction and sense of gratitude, Shrestha is motivated when there is no commerce with arts, no comparison but enjoyment through good music and the experience of harmony with a group a of skilled listeners in an event that will always be about celebration. The admirer of Bob Geldof and Richard Branson believes that film making comes from within ourselves, we should make it by heart and to all work one must include fun in their work.

Nepa-Laya and Kiran Shrestha when combined together, form a bond that provides platform to many artists, film makers and writers. Nepa-Laya, platform for various creative artists for various creative artists is one of the emerging groups of Nepal in the field of promotions of art and creations.