Nepal Cancer Relief Society Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Established by Nepal Cancer Relief Society in the year 1992 with the support of Sahid Smriti Cancer Service Group, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital (BCH) has grown into a national level cancer hospital. The first medical institution to become a model hospital of public-private partnership, the hospital is operated by Nepal Cancer Relief Society with the support of Nepal Government, Rotary International and local community as well as foreign residents and visitors who have donated land, money and other services.

The hospital has over fifty beds with over hundred forty staffs consisting of technical, ancillary and administrative staffs. The hospital established with the goal of developing as a comprehensive cancer hospital and supporting all the activities of government and BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital to fight against cancer in the country is a autonomous, non-profitable and charitable organization which generates charity to needy people from different part of the country.

The hospital was established with the major objectives of establishing the hospital as a state of art tertiary referral center, providing quality and compassionate care to the patients easily, collaborating with the NCRs and community in the field of preventing oncology and early detection, providing palliative care services, pain management and cancer support programs, introducing computer based hospital management information system, providing charity services to poor and needy people, conducting cancer registry and telemedicine, playing role in the training of human resources and doing academic and research work in cancer.

Nepal Cancer Relief Society Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

The management committee has joined hands to work together with the government and BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital and has extended relations with various expert organizations or individuals internationally to expand and expertise its services. The hospital management committee that also plans to collaborate with the community in the field of preventive oncology and early detection along with encouraging maximum community participation in its activities consists of representatives from Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Rotary International, Ministry of Health and Local Community of Bhaktapur along with other high profile experts and professionals as advisors of the committee.

The hospital offers twenty four hour emergency services, twenty four hour lab and ER services to the patients. The hospital that plans to extend its services focused on the specialized cancer screening, treatment planning system and diagnosis of cancer with sophisticated technology equipment has been providing services such as  Radiation Oncology (Cobalt 60, Brachytherapy and Simulator), Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Clinical Oncology, Gynecology Oncology, Pathology (Histopathology and Laboratory Biochemistry), Preventive services (Pap Smear, counseling and awareness creation and education), Diagnostics Services (X-ray and Ultrasound), Kuruwa Ghar (visitor’s accommodation), Radiotherapy and radiology, in-patient services, surgeries, lab services, OPD services and bus services.

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