Nepal Express Finance Limited (NEPEX)

Update: The bank started its joint operation with Kailash Bikash Bank and Metro Development Bank Limited under the name ‘Kailash Bikash Bank’ from 2073 B.S.

Established in the year 2062 BS under the Company Ordinance 2062 BS, Nepal Express Finance Limited, also known as NEPEX, operates from its central office at Sundhara – Kathmandu, branch offices at Butwal and Pokhara and its extension counter at Waling – Syangja.

A national level finance company that operates in a customer focused way, Nepal Express Finance Limited, delivers the convenience and technological advantages of a commercial bank along with the flexibility and timely response that the customer needs in order to maintain mutually satisfying and long term banking relationships. To meet and exceed customer expectations through convenient hours, an extensive network of branches, competitive rates and pricing, technological innovation and offering a full line of banking services are its major focus and objectives. The company started its operation in Baisakh 2063 BS and since then, has been conducting banking transactions under Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 BS, Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058 BS and Company Act 2063 BS. The company committed to provide quality services to its valued customers is the 68th finance company of the country receiving license from Nepal Rastra Bank as ‘C’ class financial institution.

nepal express finance

The company that believes in customer focused banking offers wide range of service, extended branch hours, and Any Branch Banking Service to provide their customers and clients with fast and convenient service. Understanding the importance of having a financial partner that is there for you whenever you need them, NEPEX has established many branch offices at convenient locations that provides services with long hours and extended cut-off times. It also offers a convenient cash management tool that enables the customer’s business to grow. The company provides all sorts of financial solutions that people need in every stage of their life as well as their business such as savings, investments, personal loans, commercial loans and remittance services.

The team of the company strives to have a better understanding of how they can help their customers meet their financial goals. The company established with the authorized capital o Rs 200 million, issued capital of Rs 140 million and paid up capital of Rs 130 million envisions itself as becoming one of the top financial institutions of the nation. Seventy percent of the company shares are held by the promoters while the general people hold the remaining thirty percent. Promoted by well known and established businessmen, industrialists and bankers devoted towards providing easy, accessible, reliable and prompt financial service to the public, the company prides itself in its employees who work together and dedicatedly to achieve the company goal.

The company offers products such as Saral Bachat, Naari Bachat, Savings Account, Special Savings Account, Premium Savings Account, Super Saving Account, Recurring Deposit and Fixed Deposit under its saving and deposit schemes and Hire Purchase Loan, Housing Loan, Industrial Loan, Trading Loan, Personal Loan, Education Loan, Agricultural Loan, Real Estate Loan, Foreign Employment Loan and Loan Against Fixed Deposit under its loan scheme. It also provides remittance services, fund transfer, bank guarantee, Merchant Banking activities and modern banking services.

The bank started its joint operation with Kailash Bikash Bank and Metro Development Bank Limited under the name ‘Kailash Bikash Bank’ from 2073 B.S.