Nepal Finance Limited (NEFINSCO)

The first finance company of private sector in Nepal, Nepal Finance Limited (NEFINSCO) was established in 2049 BS. Providing its products among its clients, NEFINSCO has been known as the most mature finance company in Nepal since its establishment. It has also initiated the innovation of some the very first products launched in Nepal such as Hire Purchase and Margin Lending which became very popular and are, nowadays, often used as a synonym in the market.

One of the leading finance companies in Nepal, NEFINSCO has some of the most advance and technically developed deposit schemes with various kinds of account which has been very popular for many years and has also been adopted very keenly in the market. The company was established with the objectives of expanding a huge financial market, creating adaptable financial account for various clients, creating and re-defining new products in the market, enhancing more technical and efficient services to its clients, expanding more branches, updating with equipments for better technical services and expansion of modern way of banking through internet and SMS. The company also provides the services of Remittance so that the people living outside the country can send money from anywhere around the world and the company with the mission of becoming a trend setter is always looking forward for it in financial sectors.

nepal finance limited

To meet its objectives and mission, Nepal Finance Limited (NEFINSCO) has offered various products and services to its valued client such as Sadharan Bachat, Jestha Nagarik Bachat, Karmachari Bachat, Share Dhani Bachat, Nari Bachat, Bal Bachat, Teacher’s Bachat, Doctor’s Bachat, Premium Bachat, High Yeild Bachat, Demand Deposit, Premium Demand Deposit, High Yeild Demand Deposit, High Yeild Demand Deposit under its saving schemes, Business Capital Loan, Fixed Asset Loan, Housing Loan, Hire Purchase, Consortium Loan, Margin Lending, Bank Guarantee, Import/Export Loan, Project Finance, Bills Discounting Facilities Under Suppliers Credit under its loan schemes and fixed accounts for three months, six months, nine months, one year and two to five years respectively with various high and attractive interest rates.

For further information, contact:

Nepal Finance Limited (NEFINSCO)
Corporate Office, GPO Box: 6867
Kamaladi, Putalisadak, Kathmandu
Tel: +977-1-4220031
Fax: +977-1-4241237
Toll Free No: 1600-01-00111 (For deposit only)
Branch Office, Newroad Gate
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4220330/4222508