Nepal Medical Students Society

Nepal Medical students Society (NMSS) got recognition in 1985 AD under International Federation of Medical Students Association that has existed and has been led by medical students worldwide for more than 60 years. IFMSA is recognized as a non-government organization and NMSS is one of the bodies of this organization. NMSS was created to inspire the generation of medical students to develop leadership abilities and skills to tackle all the challenges coming their way.

The mission of the NMSS is to offer future sensitive, culturally aware, physicians, an introduction to global health issues. It’s aims are to provide opportunity to all medical students to take part in clinical research program, to provide a network that links medical students across the world so that they can learn from one another and be motivated, to provide international platform to deserving students to present their research, to expose all students to humanitarian and health issue, to empower and train medical students regarding different social issues, and many others. NMSS is an active non-government organization in Nepal which plans to bind all the medical students under one roof so that they can share their views, have discussions on certain topics, etc.


Nepal Medical Students Society is active currently only in the Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, where every students of Maharajgunj Medical Campus is a member, however, it focuses on gathering all medical students of Nepal under one roof. NMSS is build for the welfare of medical students through which the doctors who have the ability to present certain report and research paper can be brought up to international platform to utilize their hard work and talent. Through the programs conducted by NMSS, they get the opportunity to represent their country in related subject matter. The main root of NMSS is IFMSA which aspires to bring all the medical students belonging to different countries under one umbrella to bring attention towards social and health issues.

Nepal Medical Students Society, a registered governing body of IFMSA has been actively involved regarding the different sectors to build up the professionalism, leadership abilities and skills in medical students of different parts of country and to bring their research paper to international platform where they can get globally organized.