Former Miss Nepal Sugarika KC

Former Miss Nepal Sugarika KC is one of the immensely talented youth who cares for her country and youths very much. She was crowned as Miss Nepal in 2005 and since then, she has been involved in social work and endorsements as well as continuing her studies. She has pursued her Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Interested in media, her ambition is to achieve a career in the media by utilizing her knowledge of environment. She has also worked in radio as well as television and has won first prize in a nationwide speech competition and was also considered as the best anchor of Nepal 2004.

sugarika kc

She also got the chance of representing Nepal in Miss World that was held in China. She has been helping the needy community by involving into social services. She has worked with Nepal Cancer Relief Society (NCRS), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Rotary Nepal, Children For Green New Nepal (CGNN, Biodiversity Journalist Group Fund (BDJ) and various other organizations since she was crowned as Miss Nepal. An avid believer in dedication, positivity, hard work and passion as elements required for success, trying for the best and preparing for the worst has always been the key mantra of her life.

To become Miss Nepal one must have confidence, positive mind and should be smart. A person with a kind heart, she likes to help others as much as she can. Disturbed by the political instability, youth frustration, education system, bad governance, corruption, violence, etc. in the country, she considers political instability to be one of the biggest challenges that the youths in Nepal have to face. For Sugarika KC, the culture and traditional activities of the country is one thing that helps to keep Nepal alive. She believes that these are the only means by which people get close to each other and create a strong bond of friendship and togetherness.

She is also involved in freelancing in health and environmental projects, attending various social initiatives, and project related to youth. She was also involved with the Orbit Education Foundation as a brand Ambassador and is one of the very few Miss Nepal title holders who have been working dedicatedly not only for their sake but also for the sake of the development of the country.