Nepalgunj, industrial and transport hub of Nepal

Situated on Banke region in far western Terai of Nepal, Nepalgunj is not only the western border town but it is also famous for exciting treks to the Dolpo plateau and Jumla region. Popular as the industrial and transport hub of the country, the town has various attractions like Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, Sadar Line, etc. One of the limited numbers of places where non-Indian foreigners are allowed to cross the border with India lay six kilometers south of Nepalgunj.

The population of about sixty thousand people consists of mixed castes and ethnicity and their native language is Awadhi, Nepali and Tharu. The tourists here speak English and it is about five hundred and thirty-one kilometers away from Kathmandu. It is also known to be one of the hottest places in Nepal with its maximum temperature being 360 C (that has gone up to 42 to 45 degrees lately) and minimum of 60 C.


Some of the famous places to visit here in Nepalgunj are Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, Sadar Line, Koreanpur, Belaspur, B.P. Chowk, Mini Zoo, Muslim Bazar, Indian Border Crossing and Rapti River. Besides visiting these places, there are various things you could do to make your stay memorable in Nepalgunj. Some of the things that can be done in Nepalgunj are visiting Grasscutters’ Lane, munching on the various street foods (especially the sekuwa towards the Surkhet road), plan a safari to the Bardia National Park, observe and understand the life of the Kamaiyas (bonded labor) in Terai, go on a shopping spree as its nearness to the border helps you get good bargains and many products at minimal prices, go on a trekking expedition to Dolpo, Jumla or Shey Gompa, study and understand the art, culture and ethnicity  of the area as the multi-ethnic town has various forms of fascinating arts as well as cultural and ethnic practices and last but not the least, enjoy the lifestyle and cultural as well as religious practices of the various communities like Hill-Nepalese, Indians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists living there.

Nepalgunj is not only a transport and industrial hub but also serves as a cultural and religious hub as people belonging to various culture, religion and ethnicity live in peace and harmony with each other here. It is easily accessible by air or by bus from Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. And for local access or tour, various rickshaws, taxis and buses are available that runs around the city.