Things to do in Nepalgunj

One of the popular transportation and industrial hub in Nepal, Nepalgunj is situated on Banke region in far western Terai of Nepal. It is not only famous for exciting treks to the Dolpo plateau and Jumla region, but also as a major transport hub of the country and various attractions in the place. Besides the conducting treks and visiting Nepalgunj as a transit point, there are many other activities that could be done in Nepalgunj.

Things that could be done in Nepalgunj are as follows:

Visit Grasscutters’ Lane

One of the many things to do in Nepalgunj is to pay a visit to the grasscutter’s lane. This is an old section of Nepalgunj which gives you the taste of the traditions and life of the rural Nepal. So, if you want to get the real taste of the country life in Nepal, the grasscutter’s lane is Nepalgunj is a place that should not be missed.

Indulge into the street food

The Surkhet road in Nepalgunj offers mouthwatering sekuwa (grilled meat) that consists mainly of simply grilled meat, mostly chicken with a bit of condiments and a lot of spices. This mouthwatering food in the roadside stalls, tempts you for more.

Visit Royal Bardia National Park

The Royal Bardia National Park at the few hours distance from the main market of Nepalgunj offers elephant safaris which allow you to experience the wildlife up-close. The national park is a paradise for bird lovers as it accommodates more than three hundred and fifty species of birds, along with other wild animals like deer, wild boars, wild elephants, crocodiles, dolphins, blue bulls, etc.


Explore the Unexplored

The Kamaiyas (bonded labors in Nepal) living in the region can give to a chance to explore the social conditions of Terai. The Kamaiya camps in the Surkhet road to Kohalpur and on the west side along the Mahendra Highway gives you an opportunity to explore the unexplored.


The Karnali hotel close to Nepalgunj airport holds a place for exported beans from Humla. These colorful and tasty beans are the specialty of Nepalgunj and although they are expensive than the regular brown beans, these are worth the extra price you pay.

Trekking expeditions

The trekking expeditions to Dolpo and Jumla regions of Nepal that are two of the most famous trekking expeditions in Nepal start from Nepalgunj. The route from here is accompanied by the wild landscape and Shey Phoksundo Lake that changes color with the change of weather. It also offers trekking expeditions to Upper Dolpo region and the Shey Gompa.

Understanding the art and culture

Nepalgunj, being a multi-ethnic city with the people belonging to various communities residing together, it is a platform for various art and culture to flourish. One can observe the various art forms and the cultures of the diverse communities living here that consist of Hill-Nepalis, Indians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.

The place is easily assessable via flights from Kathmandu and also the day and night buses are available from the capital city and other parts of Nepal.