Nepali band The Unity

Sudin Pokhrel (da69), Amit (Aidray) and Asif Shah are the three young, dynamic and versatile singers who are jointly known as The Unity, one of the popular bands of Nepal. Their songs like Shez the bomb and Chyangba were able to rock not only their fans but also many parties and functions where these songs were played repeatedly over and over again. Their song Pahilo Maya was able to reach a huge mass and the melody as well as the poetry (rap) in the song was loved by huge number of music enthusiasts.

the unity

The group was formed by the two people Sudin and Amit, popularly known as da69 and Aidray when they came out with their first smashing hit song Shez the bomb. Later, they gave another hit song Pahilo maya after Asif joined in. Their first album Vyakaraan of Rap was released after that and they have given other hit songs like Aaja Pheri, Prem ani Ago, Aba Audina (tribute to Nepali singer and their friend Cool Pokhrel), Mission Paisa, Juni Juni, etc. The band is inspired mostly by the legendary Nepali musicians along with inspiring each other. The band mostly creates RAP songs, especially Mel Rap and their audience mostly consists of teenagers as well as people in their late 30s and 40s. They consider music as their life and their life as music.

[youtube][/youtube] For The Unity, Rap is a poetry which speaks the language and feelings of people’s heart and hip-hop is a culture. They believe that to become the best band, unity is the most important thing and also respect, understanding and trust for each other is required. Among the various songs they have created, their tribute to Cool Pokhrel is the song closest to their hearts.

Besides being involved into music, the band members are also involved in other professions like Sudin is a Sports department co-coordinator, producer and news reader at Kantipur television, Asif owns a production house named G-21 that deals with making short films, music videos and TVCs, and Aidray runs his family business.