Nepali movie Chadke

Directed by Nigam Shrestha, the new Nepali movie Chadke is a satire to the political leaders as well as the policy and law makers of the nation. Depicting the story of the fight between two gang members as well as the support they get from the political parties, the movie demonstrates how the ones who are chosen to protect the law themselves break the laws. It also attempts to reflect upon the increasing number of crime and criminals in the society and how the social as well as financial circumstances leads the young generation into the world of crime and gang wars.


The movie featuring Saugat Malla, Namrata Shrestha, Robin Tamang, Arpan Thapa, Dayahang Rai and Sunil Pokhrel in the lead roles is a presentation of Princess Movies and Ras Tandav. The movie starts with Roshan (Arpan Thapa) returning back to Nepal from the United States after being deported from the country and on his way back home, he meets a researcher (Saugat Malla) who is visiting the Chitwan National Park for his research work. Thapa spends most of his time with his two unemployed friends Bindu and Gyan, the former had been thrown out of his house by his father and the latter was threatened to leave his job as an army man. Despite of his constant attempts, Roshan is unable to find a job and everywhere he applies, he is expected to deposit certain amount of money as safety deposit. One day, he crosses road with a girl (Namrata Shrestha) belonging to the Royal Gang, the group of six members including Dayahang Rai and Robin Tamang, involved in all the criminal activities in the town. A certain accident connects their stories together after the gang leader Lama hits Roshan’s elder brother leaving the man in paralyzed stage and whole family in financial difficulty. Without a job and no financial aid from anywhere else, Roshan, along with his two friends is forced to take on a job of killing the gang leader. Will he do the job successfully? Will he be spared by the gang members or will they come after him? For getting answers to these questions, you must get yourself a copy of the movie Chadke.

If you are wondering what role Saugat Malla plays in the movie, then you must wait for the second half of the movie which is entirely dedicated to Malla and his all new killer avatar. He, as always, has done justice to his character. Also, the other actors have done justice to their characters and there isn’t anything disappointing to comment on in terms of acting. Cinematography of the movie is great and the music, too, is balanced and matched perfectly. The presentation and direction is good as well and the movie is good technically as well as story wise. However, most of the audience liked the first half of the movie that is quite balanced with comedy and action. Nevertheless, the second half is not disappointing as well and for those who like art forms of the movie, it might as well be the good part of the movie for them. If for nothing else, I recommend you watch Chadke at least once, if only to watch Saugat Malla in action in his all new killer avatar.