Nepali movie Chapali Height

Directed by Dipendra K. Khanal, Chapali Heights is said to be a thriller movie that revolves around the story of three friends Amir (Amir Gautam), Raj (Raj Ghimire) and Bini (Binita Baral), however, it has been criticized for lagging far behind in terms of thrill, apart from the weird expressions by the actors at times.

Said to be a thriller movie, Chapali Height portrays the story of three people, among which two of the leading male characters are best friends. Raj lives in Chapali Height in Kathmandu and one night he is woken up by a phone call from his friend Amit who is currently in Pokhara and needs his friend to help him out. He has eloped with his girlfriend Bini and needs a place to stay for which he asks Raj if they could join him at Chapali Height. Raj, who lives all by himself, places no objection. Their first day at Chapali is celebrated with drinks, music and dance and few days pass like that. After few days, Amit decides to leave the place, however, Bini and Raj insists on staying. Amit doubting that Bini is having an affair with Raj breaks up with her and leaves her alone with Raj. Raj gradually falls for Bini and the whole story revolves around it except for the climax which is believed to be the suspense of the movie.

chapali height

The whole movie is shot in Chapali Heights as the name of the movie suggests and although the movie is said to be a suspense thriller, it lacks anything thrilling. The whole movie is predictable apart from the climax. The lead characters, who are all new faces in the industry has demonstrated their lack of acting skills. The movie cannot keep the audience interested for long and the only thing in the movie trying hard to catch the attention of the audiences is the bold kissing and love making scenes, which was too much publicized before the release of the movie itself.

Although the movie failed to meet the expectations of the viewers, he did a good business commercially due to its too much publicity beforehand. Apart from the climax and some of the scenes, the movie is not worth the watch.