Nepali movie Chino

Considered as one of the most successful Nepali movies, Chino is also among the top five most popular Nepali movies of all times. It had celebrated twenty five days of screening at cinema hall which was a great achievement. It not only became commercially successful as a movie but also got recognition to its director Tulsi Ghimire as one of the most popular and successful film director. The film starred Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan KC, Sunil Thapa, Kristi Mainali, Sharmila Malla, Subhadra Adhikari, etc. as leading characters.

nepali movie chino

The movie has everything that an entertaining Nepali movie does like action, story, romance, comedy and good music. One of the songs Mohani Lagla Hai (sung by Narayan Gopal and Asha Bhosle) from the movie became very much popular and topped the charts for several months. It also became a popular dancing number when it came to cultural dance competitions or events. The movie is often compared to as referred as the Sholay of Nepali cinema which made Sunil Thapa (the villain in the movie) popular as Rate Kaila and his ‘Yo kura Ratelai man paryo’ was equally heard as a slang during the time.

The story of the movie is more or less typical that ruled Nepali movies of that period. A happy family is destroyed by a villain, father killed and the sons are lost while the mother goes around searching for them. The two brothers, separated birth gradually meets with each other as the events in the movies unfold and the family is reunited. Then comes the part where the heroes kill and avenge their parents. The movie has everything that a Kollywood masala movie does but with a better way of presentation and good story. The work by the actors is good and you enjoy the movie throughout.

It movie not only got commercial success but also got recognition to its director as one of the most successful Nepali film director and Sunil Thapa as most popular Nepali villain. The movie Chino, although it was released during the 90s, is a good flick to catch up.