Nepali movie Dhanda

Directed by Sudarshan Thapa, Nepali movie Dhanda is a story of Arjun, a simple village teacher and his dream of living a better life by earning money abroad. The movie has tried to highlight the present day condition of the innocent Nepalese who desire to go abroad for work. The overseas and manpower companies are found cheating the people of their money, hopes and dreams and the movie Dhanda is based on the same theme. It explains how the crooks have found a new way to cheat and rob people of their money.

In the movie, the temporary teacher in a village school despite having a tough father and the risk of sinking his family, manages to pay a huge sum of money to get the ticket to America. However, he falls prey into the wrong hands and the fraud overseas company who assured him of giving the visa and ticket once he paid nine lakh rupees, cheats him and take away the money. When he asks them to return the money, he is brutally beaten to death and the seriously wounded victiom looses his sanity and pursue them for brutal revenge with stitches all over him.

dhanda nepali movie

Although the story in the movie is quite simple, the presentation of the scenes is good. Also, the make-up (of stitches) by Nima Lima, although might seem overdone at times, is actually nice and looks real compared to most of the Nepali movies. The movie has opened up to broad-vision in movie-making by introducing a new arena for the story in Nepali movie. The story is relevant to the Nepali society, however, different from the mainstream cinemas.

The story and screenplay of the movie is written by Arpan Thapa who also happens to be the protagonist in the movie. Samuna KC has done good job as Arjun’s wife in a house wife look considering it to be her first movie. The movie, however, is not as thrilling as the trailers presents and most of the thrills are limited to the looks of the actor. However, the movie has made an effort to encourage the film makers to try and experiment in new genre rather than following the traditional patterns of movie making in Nepal.