Nepali movie Dravya

Dravya, directed by Markendey Dippim Basnet, is a Nepali movie which casts Ashok Phuyal, Anoop Bikram Shah, Kalpana Shah, Biraj Bhatt and Amit Pokhrel. The story of the movie is based upon the relation between some youths and casino.

The story revolves around Binod, Nisha, Bikram and Paras among which three of them work in the casino and one of them is a regular customer in the casino. They come face to face with a situation where they need huge sum of money resulting them to plan stealing the money of a regular customer Khalid, an Indian citizen who visits Nepal just to lose money at the casino and have fun with the Nepali girls. Despite of knowing that Khalid is the brother of a big don of India, they steal money from him. Will all of them Binod, Nisha, Paras and Bikram will be able to succeed in running away from don and police or they will they caught? The answer can be known only by watching the movie.


Biraj Bhatt has done well in his acting whereas the other actors seem to be in their struggling phase (in terms of acting). The actor Anoop Bikram Shah also seems to have performed well. The movie also shows the present scenario of Nepali youths who can do anything for money. Apart from that, the movie has nothing to give to its audience. Though the movie seems to be targeted to the young generation, it has nothing to attract the youth crowd. All the scenes in the movie are predictable such as love between boy and girl starts when a boy protects a girl from a villain. Most of the characters in this movie are not well justified which makes it seem that the movie has been made with an unclear vision. The movie lacks in many aspects such as storyline, presentation, acting of some of the unknown actors, etc.

Overall, although the movie tries to relate with the younger generation, it lacks in showing what it offers. The suggestion for those who want to watch the movie is only this, watch the movie only if you want to watch your favorite actors (if there are any).