Nepali movie Facebook

‘Facebook’ a Nepali suspense thriller movie that focuses on the dark side of social networking site, is directed by Suraj Subba. The movie produced by actress Jharana Thapa was released all over in Nepal on Friday September 7, 2012, which features Jharana Thapa, Rajesh Hamal, Sunil Thapa, Subash Thapa and Swatantra Pratap Shah in lead roles. It is a story which deals with the present situation regarding social networking site.

Facebook is a story of a girl named Sanskriti (Jharana Thapa) who, in social networking site Facebook, gets involved into an online affair with Yodin (Swatantra Pratap), a very rich NRN residing in Singapore, who in turn comes to Nepal to marry her. Yodin’s uncle Harish (Sunil Thapa) sends both of them to watch movie in theatre but unfortunately Yodin gets kidnapped and police blame Harish behind kidnapping and view him as a prime suspect. Did Harish kidnap him? What was the motive behind the kidnap? Will they ever meet together? To get answers to these questions, one must watch the movie themselves.


Although Facebook has original story related to social networking site, the title of movie itself has a foreign trademark. The film is too slow and boring with weak screenplay, even though there are few interesting and new dialogues. The online love story is shown in such a way that the viewers feel it unreal and the similar situation seems unrealistic too. Background editing is also not effective as well. Though it is said to be about social networking site, the story shows more about kidnapping and suspense rather than the social networking site.

Facebook has come out with a strong cast but nobody has done justice to their roles except Rajesh Hamal and Sunil Thapa who somehow maintained to perform well. The bad acting from renowned star cast was also a huge defect seen in the film. Suraj Subba the director of the movie has missed a very good chance to add some more suspense, thrill and creativeness. Facebook being an average movie although satisfies some of suspense lovers, it has missed the opportunity to meet the real expectation of the audience.