Nepali movie Maya’s Bar

The movie with big star casts, Maya’s Bar was released with much hype and extensive advertisement in the Kathmandu valley on July 2012. The movie, which is the third directorial venture of Dinesh DC was produced by Sunil Manandhar and features some of the popular names in the Nepali film industry like Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Nisha Adhikari and Gajit Bista in the leading roles.

The movie Maya’s Bar is the story of Maya (played by Nisha Adhikari) and her family. Maya is living happily with her husband Gajit and a son, Bishal until they face a financial crisis. Then, to cope with the financial problem Gajit joins a fight club as a fighter and Maya joins a dance bar as a dancer. Both the company is owned by Trilok Rana (played by Rajesh Hamal). However, the couple is not happy about each other’s profession and they occasionally express their dissatisfaction on each other’s work. One thing leads to other and there arises many problems in their lives leading to the unexpected death of one of the characters.

maya's bar

The cinematography of the movie by Purshottam Pradhan is excellent and so is the selection of the music by music director Suresh Adhikari. However, the story and the screenplay is dull that makes the movie boring and also the movie lacks in terms of love or emotion resulting in failure to entertain the audience. Also, the plot in the movie is questionable as the rich family gets poor overnight without any justification or reason. There are many places and shots in the movie that seems to be unnecessary and unrelated to the movie.

It is an average Nepali movie that has been proved to be the third failure by the director Dinesh DC. The movie failed to meet the expectations of the audience although it was highly publicized and much hype was created before the release.