Nepali movie Phool

Directed by Shiva Regmi, the Nepali movie Phool stars popular actors like Raj Ballav Koirala, Niraj Baral, Garima Pant, Nir shah and Yuvaraj Lama in the lead roles. The movie depicts a romantic story, a love triangle between Garima, Niraj and Raj Ballav Koirala.

Two of the army officers Dorje Lama and Birodhoj Karki have dream of getting married and living happily in a small house. They both fall in love with Maya, owner of a hotel who promised to marry both of them but eventually elope with someone else, which results in both of them deciding not to marry in their lives. Dorje and Birodhoj find a new born child in a Hanuman temple and they take the child considering her as a god’s gift and name her Ashmi (Garima Pant). She grows up as a beautiful young girl with whom Rahul (Niraj Baral) and Avisekh (Raj Ballav Koirala) are attracted and start chasing. The twist in the movie arises when Ashmi, Rahul and Avisekh met an unknown woman. The whole mystery of the movie can be known only by watching it.


The actors in the movie have done very good job. Work by actors like Nir Shah, Niraj Baral, is really appreciable, however, Garima Pant’s acting seems to-be average. The first half of the movie is full of fun and is entertaining with superb chemistry shown between the two army men Nir Shah and Yuvaraj Lama, however, the second half of the movie is not quite interesting. The story is predictable and the script is weaker in the second half. However, in this movie, almost all the songs are composed by a music director, Rekha Paudel, the first female music director whose works is also as good as other male music director.

Overall, the Nepali movie Phool is an average movie with an average story, music, direction, etc. Though the first half of the movie is interesting, the second half lacks in many aspects which could have made movie more interesting.