Nepali movie Prem Pinda

Directed by Yadav Kharel, the Nepali movie Prem Pinda stars Saroj Khanal, Sunny Rouniyar and Nir Shah in the lead roles with Bhuwan Chand and Melina Manandhar as the supporting casts. The movie is the historical descriptions and a love emerging amidst boundaries and restrictions.

A love triangle, Prem Pinda is depicts the tragedy in the lives of the protagonists. Said to be based on the real life story of Rana General Aidwin, the movie is set on the time when the Ranas ruled Nepal. The movie starts with the video of the Palace of the General, the real Palace, where most part of the story is based, in fact, except the ending, the entire movie is set inside the Palace.


The story of the movie goes somewhat like this, a brother comes to palace with his sister to leave her there as a maid and receives Rs. sixty for that. The girl in her late teens is innocent and big mouthed who doesn’t know the manner of the palace very well. She is handed over under the guidance of a woman named Kesari, who takes care of her like her own child. The girl, Sabita, as she is named by the General, is a fast learner and impressed with the lifestyles of the palace, does her best in everything getting reward from the General each time. She develops feelings for a servant boy working there named Nakul, and this love at first sight is a two way thing. However, the General having his eyes set on her would never allow that to happen and sensing the romance blooming between them, he tries everything to separate them forever. They, however, could not publicize their relationship, as the General would get Nakul killed in front of everyone, getting him beaten to death. Amidst the thorns and adverse hatred, blooms their love, however, the General sends Nakul away to another part of the country and keeps Sabita inside the Palace under house arrests.

Despite his attempts, will the General be able to win her heart? Is the love shared between Nakul and Sabita a true epic love? To find answer to these questions, the viewers need to watch the movie by themselves.

The movie is quite interesting and also useful as it depicts the tyranny of the Ranas. Considering that the movie is more than a decade old, it is wonderful in terms of presentation as well as acting on the actors’ part. The songs of the movie were super hits during that time and stills rules the heart of many music lovers. Prem Pinda, thus, is worth a watch.