Nepali musical band Mt 8848

One of the famous bands in Nepali music industries, Mt. 8848 has given popular songs like Maski Maski and Budheskal ko lathi to the music lovers. The band consists of five talented members that are Pharendra Limbu (on bass), Darshan Rai (on vocal), Nirmal Gartaula (on lead guitar), Ritesh Puri (on rhythm) and Binod Lama, also the youngest member (on drum). They are not only good musicians of Nepal but are also active with social work as they contribute the sum collected from their concerts on providing education to 308 children around the country.

mt 8848

They were involved in music, one way or the other, long before they formed the band. The band members who are, by profession, teachers in one of the reputed schools in Kathmandu thought of coming out with an album as they had a shared interest in music. They started to work on the lyrics and compositions during the holidays and came out with an album in six months. They are inspired by their love for music and their desire to do social work as they were interested in one and wanted to do it in their own terms. And since they were good with music, they decided to form a band and come up with an album. The album was a massive hit and they were able to sponsor 308 underprivileged children to various government schools of the country.

Their shared interest in music and varying taste in different genres of music gave them the idea of collaboration and when anyone of them brings a composition, they discuss, argue and try to collaborate it with their various ideas to give their creation an extra edge. The band is named Mt 8848 because it is the height of the highest peak of the world which is also located in Nepal and they wanted people to know that the band is from Nepal as soon as they heard it name. The most meaningful song to them from their album is the song Yo Sansar which conveys the following message to the adult people “we did not inherit the world from our forefathers but have borrowed it from the future generation”.

[youtube][/youtube] The band has won 9th Image Award in Best Rock Band category and has performed live in various places around the country. They have also been successful to sponsor 308 underprivileged children throughout the country by the remuneration collected from their concerts which the Nepali band Mt 8848 considers as their highest achievement.