Nepali Singer Nitin Thapa

Passionate about music since childhood, Nitin Thapa entered into music as a guitarist and was on stage with a band while he was in class eight. He formed a band named Crystal with his school mates after SLC and became the front man and performed on stage and in different pubs and restaurants. He released his first album in 2008 and though it was his solo album, he named it Crystal as his band members had supported him a lot.

nitin thapa

He used to have an extracurricular subject in school where he took music and started learning guitar. And also his parents singing in family gatherings inspired him to enter into the field. His musical career started when he formed a band with his school mates of Bhanubhakta Memorial School. He, with his band members, had decided to come up with an album and they had started their project in 2005, however, the other members were unable to manage time and with their decision, he continued it as a solo album which was released in 2008. His band members are still working in the field as a recorder and arranger and have been helping him with live recording of the album. He considers music as his life.

He believes that it is good to sing songs of various genres as it gives variety and covers not only particular listener group but everyone. His favorite song is Sanjog from his first album and it is because this song defines love as coincidence saying that love – sometimes just happens or sometimes you don’t get it even if you try. He believes that, for an artist, hard work, dedication and patience are the most important elements if they want to stay for a long run. For him, as a songwriter, the biggest inspiration has been love. His first music video Kati Jalaunchau is about a person who is totally in love with a girl, however, without success.

[youtube][/youtube] Nitin Thapa, who loves to spend his free time with his family and friends, is grateful towards his fans for their love and support because of which he has become successful to continue in the field despite all the struggle and hardships.