Nepali singer Sonam Pakhrin

A well known television personality, Sonam Pakhrin has also turned up as a singer, and a well known one, in Nepali music industry. He left his television career after giving it eight years of his life only to leave behind talking in front of the camera and to start working behind it. He started music video direction after taking break for a couple of month. His second album was titled ‘One more time’ as he had a habit of saying “one more time Sonam is back on the show” which happens to be his favorite line.

He believes that one needs to have good knowledge of music and audiences’ taste as well as versatility and variation in their songs and music to keep the audience entertained. He has also taken vocal classes to bring variation in his songs. Not satisfied with the treatment of music companies towards the singer, Pakhrin despise them all and hopes to open up his own company some day.

sonam pakhrin

He has also directed a documentary “A day in katja’ for a foreign project which he considers to be close to his heart. It was a whole new experience for him as it was something new and different for one who had been directing music videos only. The music video direction, according to him, is different than a documentary as music videos are fully dramatic, unreal and unnatural with unnatural smile and romance, totally fiction while documentary has real stuffs and is about reality of life.

Expressing his personal thought and belief in whatever he has been doing and accomplishing all his day’s work makes him proud when he comes back from his work. This funny and unromantic singer, as his friends would call him, is very choosy when it comes to his attire. Looking good and feeling comfortable in what you wear is very important for him that often makes his friends regret going shopping with him as it takes too much time.

This singer in his thirties looks much younger because of his healthy life and diet. Sonam Pakhrin has definitely won hearts of many fans, first with his sweet talks on television and now, with his melodious voice and direction.