Osho Tapoban at Nagarjun Hill

A meditational retreat in Kathmandu, Osho Tapoban is situated at hills of Nagarjun. The area is encircled by green lush trees and is quiet and peaceful with only soothing music playing in the rooms where you are supposed to meditate.

The people checking in for meditation purpose will be accommodated with a room (if you intend to stay for more than a day) that has all the basic amenities required for a pleasant stay. The morning starts with exercise and meditation and the room is usually filled with people in their gowns doing their exercises. The Guruji gives lesson on breathing and demonstrate the ‘bellows breathing’ techniques as a stimulating exercise. This technique can be used when you feel the need of revitalizing yourself. The morning session ends with Osho meditation. The meditation not only leads to a deeper state of relaxation and inner connection but also emphasize psychic cleansing for stronger inner connection to maintain calm. It is mostly practiced to get rid of tensions and stress.

osho tapoban

The evening meditation session deals with the techniques of invigorating music, dancing, humming, shouting, laughing, shaking, crying and other such techniques that are used to cleanse physical and emotional tensions that are physically and mentally liberating. These techniques are beneficial to the physical and mental state of being if practiced in regular basis. However, you need to take time and try to deepen inside for a blissful spiritual experience rather than doing it in haste. The people start dancing in the meditation hall to release tension from their body.

The nights are pleasant with the buzz of insects that makes the perfect music for meditation and also the view of the surrounding are majestic in the beautiful moonlight. You don’t need an artificial alarm clock for waking you up as the job is taken by the kohl bird that wakes you up with her melodious voice.

Another form of meditation practiced here is Kundalini meditation which gives a refreshing break from your normal self taking you to the state where you feel absolutely free from everything else. The afternoons are usually leisurely for everyone where some people get involved in discussion while some spend time in the library.

This International Commune and Forest Retreat Center, Osho Tapoban is located in the forest of Nagarjun hills in the northern outskirts of Kathmandu about 5 km from the Balaju By-pass and can be reached by a local bus or taxi. It features regular Osho meditations with additional weekend, monthly and 1 to 7 day meditation events. For further information, log on to www.tapoban.com or contact the Kathmandu office located at Osho Bhawan in Kamaladi.

Phone: +977-1-4353562/4357312/4357313

Email: osho@tapoban.com , tapoban@wlink.com.np