Paschimanchal Development Bank Limited

Established in 18th Chaitra 2059 BS, Paschimanchal Development Bank Limited is one of the ISO 9001:2008 certified development banks situated in the Rupandehi district of Nepal. The bank with its head office at Pushpalal Park -8, Butwal, has been successful to open up thirteen branches in different districts of the country within the short period of time. The bank was established with the vision of modern, qualitative, fair competitive and credible banking service and making the customers self satisfied and dependent by providing fast services in the friendly environment.

The bank established with Authorized Capital of 130 Crores, Issued Capital of 65 Crores and Paid Up Capital of 33.65 Crores has the mission of protecting and promoting the rights of the customers and shareholders as well as contributing in the development of industrial, agriculture and business sector of the country by increasing the income level and sources of the rural and urban people by providing different saving schemes, latest financial instruments and assistance, technologies and business advices.

paschimanchal bank

The major objectives of Paschimanchal Development Bank Limited are to promote the development of the industrial sector, business sector and agricultural sector of the country by providing financial assistance as well as other required assistance in the agriculture, service, industry, business and different future prospective sectors, to increase the income and uplift the living standard of the rural as well as urban people by utilizing the available manpower, labor, skills and capital by providing different financial assistance, technical assistance, employment opportunities and different other management concepts, to provide high quality and reliable services to the general people by protecting and promoting the rights of the customers as well as shareholders, accumulating the funds from the surplus units and providing it to the deficit units and to act as the financial intermediary by providing high quality services to the general public.

The bank, in order to meet the requirements of its customers and to fulfill its objectives offers various products under deposit as well as loan schemes. Under its deposits schemes, it offers products such as PDB Student Saving, PDB Sajilo Bachat Saving, PDB Bridha Saving, PDB Special Saving, PDB Normal Saving, PDB BalBachat Saving, PDB Current Saving, PDB Super Saving, PDB Shareholder Saving, PDB Gratuity Fund Saving, Fixed Deposits Account and Saving Deposits Account while it offers Business Loan (Agriculture Loan, Trade Loan, Industrial Loan and Land Development Loan) Home Loan (Short Term, Loan Term and Over Draft Loan), Auto Loan (New and Old), Education Loan, Employment Loan, Motorbike Loan, Personal OD Loan, Deprived Loan, Margin Lending and Loan Against FDR. The bank also provides services such as Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS), Remittance, Fund Transfer, ATM and Bank Guarantee. The bank also provides the facilities of exchange of the Indian currencies, transaction of the bid bond and performance bond and business and banking related advices to its customers.

For further details, contact:

Paschimanchal Development Bank Limited
Puspalal Park-8, Butwal,
Rupandehi, Nepal
Tel: +977-71-549900/545603/549899
Fax: +977-71-549901