Pakodas, Nepali fried snack

Pakoda is one of the most popular Nepali fried snacks and it is often used as an appetizer. Commonly, it is made out of potato or onions, however, one can mix any vegetables they want for making the pakodas. A plate of hot pakodas with tea or chutney makes an ideal snack during the cold season.

Many cafés and restaurants also offer pakodas in their menus and it is not difficult to taste few varieties of pakodas in Nepal. Also, the stalls and small hotels cater pakodas to their customers. However, to savor the pakodas of your taste, you might want to try to make it yourself as most of the places offer similar flavors like that of potato, paneer (soft cheese), chicken or onion.

Here are some simple steps for making pakodas:

Take some potatoes, grated or boiled as per your taste, and mix them with chopped onions.

Prepare a batter of gram flour. Add salt, turmeric powder and spices to taste.

Heat some oil in a pan.

Dip the mixture into the batter and put it into the pan. Deep fry it until it turns red. Keep the heat low so that the pakoda will not be burned.

You can also use eggplant, cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin flower, spinach, plantain or even bread. The vegetable should be cut into thin slices so that it will be cooked properly. It is better to half-boil cauliflower and cabbage. The pumpkin flower can be used directly. And as for bread, it can be cut into two halves or small pieces. it can also be made out of grinde pulse paste. The pakodas could be served with any type of sauce or chutney.

So, when are you trying this easy and tasty snack?