Panchthar district

Situated on the eastern part of the country, Panchthar is a beautiful hill district at laying near Ilam. Panchathar has its district headquarters at Phidim, a small but beautiful hill town. The district is bordered by West Bengal and Sikkim in the east, Dhankuta and Tehrathum in the west, Taplejung in the north and Ilam in the south. The place offers majestic views of the snowwhite as well as lush green mountains and is rich interms of culture and natural resources.

arial view panchthar

The major rivers in the district are Tamor, Hima Khola, Ima Khola, Namdu Khola, Kabeli and Nibhu Khola and Jore Pokhari, Suke Pokhari, Namdu Mahamir, Ratmate and Baraha Pokhari are the major ponds and waterfalls in the district. Panchthar Aangsarang in the district is a very beautiful place that is situated at the distance of about three and four hour walks from Ranke and Phidim, respectively. The Panchthar district is clustered with various other beautiful destinations as well as the places of religious significance. Another popular place in the district is Chhalasukka which lies over the beautiful hillock providing the panoramic view of the mountains, rivers and small valleys. This place is interesting with many myths and legends surrounding it and the people living here. Moreover many wonders and mysteries of the nature could be witnessed during the visit to this place.

Panchthar district accommodates Rai, Tamang, Magar, Sunuwar, Bhote Sherpa, Newar, Abadhi, Tharu, Maithali and Bhojpuri communities and these are the predominant language practiced here. The major tourist destinations are Phidim, Jorsal Bazar, Yasok, Rabi, Chyangthapu, Mehebote, Sukepokhari and Oyam are the popular tourist destinations in the district. The district is facilitated with transportation and communication facilities along with the presence of hospitals, health centers, health posts and Ayurvedic clinics, etc. A beautiful district in the eastern part of the country, Panchthar would have been a popular tourist destination had the proper promotions been done.