Pashmina for warmth and style

Imagine owning a shawl so soft and smooth that you never want to take it off. The warmth of the soft wool during the winter is so soothing that everyone desires to own at least one of these. If you think you are missing the experience of wearing some of the finest woolen shawl, your problem could be solved by the Pashminas here in Nepal.

Made out of the soft wool of Chyangra goat or the Capra Hirus, the Pashmina is luxurious and beautiful fabric used to make shawls, stoles and scarves. The Pashmina found in Nepal are much lighter than the others, being several microns thinner. These goats are found in the mountain regions of Central Asia around 12,000 to 14,500 feet above the sea level because of which they have developed thin, short and shiny inner coats to shield them from cold. During the spring, these hairs are collected by the weavers to produce Pashmina. The word Pashmina is derived from the ancient Persian word ‘pashm’ which means wool referring to the inner coat of the Capra Hirus.

Pashmina has been used by weavers in Kashmir for many years, which is how it got the name of cashmere. However, due to the ongoing civil war between Pakistan and India over Kashmir, most of the business has been shifted to other parts of India and Nepal.

The raw materials are carefully hand-spun and dyed using high quality environment-friendly dyes. Sometimes even authentic Tibetan artists in Nepal are employed for the dyeing process as it is very delicate and complex method. The thinner, softer and lighter Pashmina shawls, stoles and scarves from Nepal are combined with silk to add durability and luster to the fabric. This hand-woven are then shipped to all over the world. The machine-woven Pashmina are less expensive, however, they are relatively rougher and harsher.

The tradition of hand weaving is kept alive in Nepal and this old tradition is passed down from generation to generation, thanks to the high demand for the Pashmina all over the world. Also, the high demand and rate of the Pashmina has become a good source of income to the artists and their families.

This finest cashmere wool has been popular among the royalty and other elites as the most luxurious, finest and stylish wool in the world for centuries now and it is also gaining huge popularity among the common and style conscious population. It is light and the careful choices of color make it fit for anything and everything, be it jeans or the saris, a Pashmina scarf or shawl gives compliment to anything you wear. It can be worn in any way you like, like a scarf, shawl wrapped around the body or wrapped around neck or head. This soft and warm fabric could be worn in any style you prefer.

Because of this flexibility and the warmth this light, soft and smooth wool provides, it has gained popularity around the world and has been very much in demand. To experience the incredible feel of wearing this wool, there is no place better than buying it in Nepal. Many stores around the Ason and Thamel area specialize in the Pashmina products. Pashmina is the best option for those who want to stay warm and stylish during the rough winters.