Pathibhara Bikas Bank Limited

Update: The bank merged into NMB Bank Limited in 2015.

Registered under the Company Act 2063, Pathibhara Bikas Bank Limited is licensed as a ‘B’ class development bank by Nepal Rastra Bank under the Banking and Financial Act 2063. The bank promoted by a group of experienced and highly motivated individuals from all backgrounds of professional sectors started its operation since Mangsir 5, 2064 BS. Among its promoters who come from various background such as business, entrepreneurship, industry, banking and financial services, etc. most of them come from Urlabari VDC of Morang district.

pathibhara bank

The bank with its head office at Urlabari V.D.C in Morang currently covers Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts. Committed to ease the banking procedures to the customers through its quality services, the bank is dedicated to serve the people who are deprived of banking facilities. It offers its services and products with simple but modernized banking system and has been gaining popularity for quick and simple banking at the rural area. The bank was established with the vision of becoming the bank of all class of Nepalese people of the region and contributing to the economic development of the country. The bank established with the Authorized Capital of NPR 200 million and Paid Up Capital of NPR 50 million considers collection and mobilization of distributed deposits and providing high return, providing loan on agriculture, service sectors, industry, trade and other potential productive sectors, providing loan on education, foreign employment and consumer products, assisting small scale entrepreneurs and farmers including people who need financial support, mobilizing the collected deposits within its region, being friendly bank of local people by providing solutions to their financial problem and providing maximum return to the stakeholders as their primary objectives.

Giving value of the depositor’s money by providing competitive interest rate, the bank encourages the entrepreneurs to increase their capacity in productive sectors. It aims to be engine of development with its reliable and trustworthy banking services and strives to achieve excellence in the banking sector through its customer friendly approach. To meet its aims and fulfill its objectives the bank offer various schemes such as Sadharan Bachat, Bishesh Bachat, Bal Sikchya Bachat, Nari Bachat, Jestha Nagarik Bachat, Money Plus Bachat, Premium Bachat, Share Bachat Khata, Karmachari Bachat, Super Saving Bachat, PBBL Staff Salary and Fixed Deposit under its saving and deposit schemes and Hire Purchase Loan, Deprive Sector Loan, Service Business Loan, Trading Loan, Overdraft Loan, Industrial Loan, Personal Loan, Housing Loan, Agriculture Loan, Staff Loan, Gold Silver Loan and Real Estate Loan under its loan schemes. It also provides remittance, holiday banking and SMS banking services to its customers through its eleven branches throughout the eastern region of the country.

In 2015, the bank entered into a merger with NMB Bank Ltd., Bhrikuti Bikash Bank Ltd. Clean Energy Development Bank Ltd. & Prudential Finance Co.Ltd. The merged entity was named ‘NMB Bank Limited’.