Phulchoki hill

Situated in a Lalitpur district of Nepal, Phulchoki is a hill located within the Kathmandu valley. The road to Phulchoki, a popular picnic spot, starts from Godavari that can be accessed from the junction at Satdobato. Right on the bottom of the Phulchoki hill is a St Xavier’s School, a convent school established by Jewish in Nepal.

This foggy hill is almost always covered with thick fog, however, giving a pleasant view of the mountain area and the jungles around it. The road that is graveled intermingles with patches of black-topped road that are steep and rough at most of the places. The road, still, offers wonderful sceneries to watch and throughout your journey, you are accompanied by the rich natural beauty of the country. One needs to pass through rhododendron forest and also the National Botanical Garden which makes your journey full of natural beauties and views. The Phulchoki hill, too, is one of the most famous spots for bird watching and short hikes within the valley.


The place is also rich in iron ore deposits and has purple colored rocks scattered all over the road. The communication tower set atop the hill plays an important role in the proper functioning of the telephone and television networks in the area as well as a civil aviation of Kathmandu and the whole country because of which an army regiment garrison is set up in the area to safeguard the tower. Also a small temple dedicated to Phulchoki Mata (goddess) adorns the hill.

The hill situated at some distance from the crowded city of Kathmandu is quiet and peaceful with the mist covering it like it is wrapped in a thin white shawl. The place near, yet, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city is one of the best picnic destinations in Kathmandu valley, however, going there is advised only if you have a larger group rather than just four or five. Moreover, it is one of the closest places to Kathmandu city for playing in the snow during the winters.