Pizzahut in Nepal

Pizzahut, one of the most popular international food (pizza) chains has been serving pizzas to the Nepali pizza lovers for past few years now. Initially opened at Durbarmarg, next to Hotel Del’ Annapurna, it now has two outlets in Kathmandu, one being in Durbarmarg and another in Bluebird Mall, Tripureshwor. It is located just above or beside KFC outlets in Kathmandu.

Unlike most of the other food outlets in Nepal, the taste of the pizzas as well as the service of the restaurant is excellent. The numerous varieties of pizza offered here are delicious and gratifying. Whether you seek vegetarian or non-vegetarian pizza, one thing is sure that every time you want to have one, you’ll end up standing before the Pizzahut outlet in Kathmandu. The place is warm and lively with wide and comfortable sitting areas. The couches and the chairs are accompanied with tables and from the side window there, you can glance at the lives moving on along Durbarmarg. People and vehicles making their way to and fro trendy fashionable Durbarmarg is pretty fascinating sight while you wait for your hot delicious pizza to arrive.


The staffs are friendly, helpful and welcoming. Their warm smile encourages you to be comfortable around them and if you need any kind of help then they are always willing to assist you. You don’t have to wait longer than 20 to 30 minutes for your order to arrive and if you need any assistance with serving, the helpful staffs are always there. Besides pizza, you can also order hot or cold drinks, ice creams, pastries and Pizzahut special chocolate. However, for those who does not like dark and bitter chocolate, its best to avoid chocolate there. Also, you could have Cream Bell just below the Pizzahut outlet.

Don’t bother about anything else and just go for the variety of pizzas mentioned on the menu. After all, it is the different flavors and types of pizzas that the Pizzahut has specialized in. You could have your order packed and take home, ask for a home delivery or just enjoy it inside the restaurant itself.