Poetess Dr. Banira Giri

Dr. Banira Giri, a poetess born in Darjeeling, India has contributed her a lot into the field of Nepali literature. A Nepali by heart who had suffered the separation of Darjeeling from Nepal, she has shown her love for her country through her literary works which have come out as major contributions in the field of Nepali literature. The love for the nation, language and the nostalgia of the forefathers inspired her to become one of the greatest poetesses.

Born in Kharsang, a place in Darjeeling, the countless Nepali songs, poems, novels that had germinated out of nostalgia and worship from the children were the major point which helped her get connected to Nepal. The environment of Darjeeling itself conceives poet, writers, and musicians. While she was studying at St. Joseph’s College, she had campaigned for the release of hand-written magazine named ‘Mutu’ which became a stepping stone in her career. She then came to Nepal and started her journey in Nepali literature for which she also received help from Ratna pustak Bhandar for publishing her works and as a result, she published some of the masterpieces of poems, novels and essays.

banira giri

Her landmarks in Nepali literature were her first novel ‘Karagar’, ‘Mero Aviskar’ – poetry collection, ‘Sabdatit Shantanu’ – novel, and some famous anthologies of poems out of which ‘Sabdatit Shantanu’ made her the first woman to receive the Sajha Puraskar. Her works speaks of the love for the country, language, etc. Her recent collection of poems – ‘Kathmandu Kathmandu’, too, is dedicated towards the love and affection for the country. She believes that literature comes through feelings and imagination.

An acquaintance of the great poet Gopal Prasad Rimal, Banira Giri was highly inspired by him. It is often believed in the Nepali literary world that the end of Gopal Prasad Rimal was the beginning of Dr. Banira Giri. Although she was born in a foreign land, she made Nepal her working place which reflects the devotion and love she had for her country.