Popular websites of Nepal

In the fast growing technological world, most of the works are done through internet and websites. Newspapers are being replaced by e-papers and shopping baskets are being replaced by web browsers. From information to news to entertainment almost everything is transferred with the help of internet and website. During the time when everything and everyone is going online, through websites and web profiles, some websites have changed the concept of internet and its uses in Nepal. Following are some of the popular websites of Nepal:


It is a popular website for news and information about Nepal as well as the world. One of the popular sites, it is browsed not only for political news but for news of all kind.


Who doesn’t love to shop? Well, rare are those who doesn’t and for those who love shopping but hate the trouble of browsing through the stacks of products, muncha.com serves the purpose of browsing. Rather than having to go to the place and search and buy products running from one place to other, you can do all shopping you like through muncha.com. It also enables you to send presents as well as money to your loved ones living in Nepal from abroad as well as within the country.


A website that gives you information along with the photographic port folios of news and upcoming models, cybersansar.com is a gateway to the Nepal’s glamour world. It also has interviews with celebrities and gives the profiles of the models.


fursad.com, as its name suggests (fursad meaning leisure), is targeted for those who love web browsing during their free time. It contains celebrity profiles, photos, interviews, and many more related to the world of entertainment.


A popular site for job search, merojob.com is accessed by hundreds of Nepalese every day, searching for better opportunities in job market.



Popular among those searching for a job, jobsnepal.com is one of the most visited websites in Nepal.


Launched with the motive of helping people pay bills, book tickets and do many such things without the trouble of standing on a long line, e-sewa.com has gained much popularity in short period of time.