Popularity of Street Food in Nepal

Food is one of the most basic requirements in life. Nepal is not only famous for its natural beauty and hospitality but also for the rich taste in every kind of foods. Be it ethnic and traditional cuisine or continental, all you need to do is keep your nose active and you will be filled with the delicious aroma of food everywhere. From hot and tasty momo to cold and icy Chuski, there is nothing you cannot find on the numerous stalls scattered around the streets of Kathmandu.

Photo credit: Anisha Bhattarai

The trend of eating the street food is increasing gradually in Nepal. The street food previously consisted of Panipuris and Chatpate while at present, you can find all sorts of Chinese and Indian food here. Be it Pauvaji or momo, the stalls have it all. The numerous stalls around the city can be seen packed with the hungry customers waiting their turns to dig into their plates of momo, noodles, sausage or fries. Although there are numerous restaurants and cafes offering the same thing in the spacious and comfortable station, people throng around the small stalls, most of the time standing due to lack of space, in order to fill their appetite. The restless customers inside the cafes patiently wait their turn in the stalls. This happens because the people feel free and relaxed in the open fresh air rather than the closed rooms of the cafes. Also the vast difference in cost is one of the major reasons for them to get attracted towards the stalls.

This culture is popular especially among the school and college students due to their limited pocket-money that restricts them from the frequent visits to the cafés and restaurants. When you can enjoy the same thing for half the price why go to the expensive restaurants? is what they say and it’s not that bad for health as the eaters say they never experienced any health problems by eating  at the stalls. So, what’s the big deal? The food is tasty, hygienic and cheaper than the restaurants and also you can observe the activities outside without having to peep through windows or watch the boring walls of the cafes. So, what about giving it a shot and ordering your own plate of momo or sausage or panipuri or chatpate or… the list goes on and on!