Potato, the most popular Nepali food

Potato is one of those vegetables that go along with anything and everything. It is one of the most popular Nepali vegetables and no Nepali cuisine is more or less imaginable without one or two potatoes in it. Locally called Aalu, we find it in almost all Nepali snacks and meals, be it Aalu-Chiura (beaten rice), Aalu-Matar (peas) or Aalu-Chana (chickpea).

It is one of the most essential ingredients found in every Nepali household. No kitchen can be imagined without some potatoes in there. It is popular because it can be used in everything. It combines perfectly with other vegetables enhancing their tastes. It can be mixed with other vegetables or cooked alone. It can be served boiled, with salt and green chili paste or deep fried with sauce and chatni (pickle) or even half fried. It can also be barbequed or made curry with. Potato is the perfect food one could think of when hungry and in need of quick snack in Nepal.

It is popular among all age groups be it school children, college students or even adults. Be it a labor or an officer, everyone can be seen taking a bite out of their plate of potato. Almost all of the restaurants and cafes serve potatoes in various flavors and tastes. Most popular is the Saadheko-Aalu in which it is mixed with various spices giving it a tangy and spicy taste. Also, it is cheaper compared to other snacks. It can also be mixed with meat products when making curry.

When it comes to eating habits in Nepal, potato is the first food one could think of. So, when are you trying this most popular and free Nepali food?