Pralaya Prarambha by Dev Prakash Tripathi

An effort of a journalist Dev Prakash Tripathi into the world of a fiction, Pralaya Prarambha is a science fiction that represents the futuristic world. The book touches the very pertinent issues of climate change and global warming along with various socio-psychological taboos associated with procreation.

The books present a world with over 10 billion population and ultra-modern technologies like fast-running vehicles, high sensitivity mobile phones and a ramped up postal system which relies on digital letters. However, these advancements have huge adverse effects on natural resources, causing continuous shrinking of resources and degradation of environment. Water there is a primary problem and where the elites have developed pills to fulfill their foods and water needs, the poor fight for a single drop. Also, egoism is high among people causing constant fight between male and female. The book has tried to present the future of the human kind if it keep being selfish and do not care about preservation of environment. The major theme of the book is the inevitable downfall of the earth caused by human negligence.

pralaya prambha

The high temperatures that have reached 54 degree is killing people and the smell of the decayed bodies is unbearable, however, found everywhere. Sinking island countries and disappearing land masses have made people run towards Everest to protect themselves from flood, which isn’t easy either.

The writer, as a student of philosophy, has interestingly included the philosophy of nature of life, happiness and pain. A well known Nepali writer Saru Bhakta has written the background for the book. The book Pralaya Prarambha by Dev Prakash Tripathi was published by the end of 2012. Although there are many readers who enjoy science fiction, it is the genre which is quite rare in Nepali literature and there are only few writers who take it seriously. The book includes a wide range of concerns based on global calamity, which has grown as something that people can relate to. The book is a good read for the sci-fi readers and even those who are not, as it discusses the issues which are important and concern all human kind.