Premier Finance Company Limited (PFCL)

Update: The company was acquired by Citizens Bank International Limited in 2016.

Premier Finance Company Limited (PFCL) was established in the year 1998 under the provision of Company Act 1964 and Finance Company Act 1984. It received its license to function as a finance company by Nepal Rastra Bank and, today, it serves as a national level finance company providing financial services to different sectors.

With its paid up capital of Rs 24 million, the company came out with its Initial Public Offering (I.P.O) in March of 2003 and the company shares, today, is divided between the promoters and general public as sixty-forty ration. On My 2003, its shares were listed in the Nepal Stock Exchange and has been traded through it ever since as an ‘A’ class company. It is a diverse financial institution having presence in most of the key sectors of the financial service. Its diversity can be presented by the diverse and wide customer base that the company has made in its less than a decade of successful financial service.

premier finance limited

The company is guided by the laws and regulations prescribed by the Government of Nepal as well as Nepal Rastra Bank for a finance company. The company has separate committee to manage and operate its various departments. The dedicated and qualified human resources of the company make sure that the customers and clients get fast, easy and convenient services through its head office as well as branch networks. The company offers various types of services and products to cater the specific need of the customers. Some of these products and services are Fixed Deposit and saving accounts and Housing Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Industrial Working Capital Loan, Trading Loan, Share Loan, Loans against Fixed Deposit and Overdraft Loan under its loan schemes.

The company aims to become one of the first choices of the customers and clients seeking financial and banking services and with its team of experienced and qualified promoters as well as management and employees, Premier Finance Company Limited thrives to achieve its aim through excellent and customer satisfying services along with giving benefits to its shareholders and promoters. For further details, contact:

The company was acquired by Citizens Bank International Limited in 2016.