Presidential Business School

Established in the year 2011 AD, Presidential Business School is an educational institution for management with affiliation to an International American University. Based in New Baneshwor, the college was established with the objective of establishing itself as a model center for the prime Management studies in Nepal. With the mission of promoting quality education in inter/national academic scenario, the college thrives for excellence in education. One of the major factors triggering its establishment is the constant approach of the students towards the foreign degree, hence, keeping it in mind, the college has initiated liaison with International American University to bring the international degrees to the country.

The college that offers an exclusive access to corporate practices takes pride in teaching methods and skills of its highly qualified and  experienced faculty members who are dedicated to provide quality education to the students in an environment that prepares them for taking up the future challenges with courage and confidence. The college that currently focuses on business and management studies plans to add department of global standards conferring accredited degrees from prestigious universities around the world in near future. In order to support the college for enhancing the skills and confidence of the students, the college has also been working together with business and media houses along with its other national and international partners.

presidential college

The college has adopted the methods of class participation, group discussion, pair and group work, quiz, term paper writing, guest lectures, individual and group presentations, audio/visual tutorials, project, research work and case study, report writing, fieldwork and internships at corporate houses in order to provide quality education and develop skills and confidence of the students. Established with the vision of transforming the lives of individuals by inculcating critical thinking techniques as well as engendering a sense of good culture, self awareness and moral and social responsibility, the college is dedicated to provide locally honored and internationally recognized business education for undergraduate and graduate students of management.

The major objectives or the missions of the college are to promote a learning environment to discover the leaders of tomorrow who are thoughtful and responsible managers, entrepreneurs and complete professionals, recruitment and retention of exceptional students, initiate and cultivate interactive student mentoring practices for the support of academic and professional development of students, encourage students to internalize personal responsibility, develop an effective problem-solving aptitude and make ethical judgment and support long term individual growth and college wide progress by providing opportunities and resources to pursue personal and professional activities linked directly to identifiable and desired organizational goals.

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