QFX Central, ultimate movie experience

Thinking about going to a movie? Well, QFX Premium Cinemas gives you ultimate movie experience. Located at the center of Kathmandu, QFX Central at Civil Mall, Sundhara is a place no one could forget.

The three theatres in the QFX Central have the total capacity of holding 939 audiences at once and all these theatres are 3D-capable. The digital projectors installed are from Barco, which delivers bright images and great visuals without compromising on the resolutions. The sound systems used by the QFX Cinemas are of Alcons cinema sound system that gives life-like sound with perfect speech-intelligibility so, even the loud sounds in the theatres will not be tiresome. The seats are wide and spacious. Also, the cushioned sofa seating is available at premium rates.

The tickets are available at the ticket counter on the right hand side of the main entrance to the Civil Mall. The dual screens in the POS machine allow you to choose the available seat wherever you desire. The screens show the trailer of new movie or advertisements so you will not be bored waiting for your tickets.

Tickets could also be booked online by visiting its official website and one could also get a membership card for the QFX Cinemas. The membership card allows the user to get a free ticket with the purchase of every ten tickets (at any point of time).

The theatre does not allow food or beverages from the outside and one has to buy it at the food counter inside the hall if desired. However, the service is pretty slow and one needs to rush as soon as the interval begins or might be late. Having only one counter for the food coupon and bill is the major reason behind the delayed service. The washrooms are clean and the helmets are kept safely on the counter outside right next to the hall entrance. Besides the delayed service for food and beverage, other services provided at the QFX Central are great.

QFX Central is said to be one of the finest and best cinema halls in South Asia with its improved sound, projection and seating arrangements. It is one of the must-visit theatres in Kathmandu for the movie enthusiasts to have an ultimate movie experience.