Radio Didi Bahini

A community radio run merely by a group of enthusiastic women, Radio Didi Bahini is broadcasted from Parbat district in the frequency 95.2 MHz. Though there has been desirable contribution of the male members of the society when necessary, this radio has been entirely managed and operated by the women. The radio is popular, not only in the district but many parts of the county, for its quality program.

The establishment of the radio has become a milestone in the communication sector of Nepal. It is an example of women empowerment and their awareness about their responsibility towards the society. The major objective or the aim of the radio is to enhance the capacity of the women, especially the disadvantaged group, through empowerment by ensuring their meaningful participation in the radio activities along with providing the information, entertainment and communication materials to the people in the area.

The radio has taken the initiative to bridge the gap that is present between the policy makers and the local population in the area by informing them about the religious, cultural as well as natural significance of the place in increasing tourism, raising awareness on the issues like education, health, development activities, technologies, etc. along with the rights and responsibilities of the disadvantage and advantage groups. Radio Didi Bahini has been serving specific geographic communities and communities of interest by broadcasting contents that are popular and relevant to the local/specific audience but has been neglected by commercial or mass media broadcasters. It also aims to conserve the culture heritage of the area by raising awareness among the people about the importance of preserving the cultural heritage and folk lores that the area is famous for. It is a non-profit radio that serves the united goal of the people as well as provide platform to the individuals, groups and communities for sharing their own diverse experiences, stories, etc.

The programs broadcasted from the radio are based on local classic Top Pop Nepali Music, along with other issues like education, health, environment, agriculture, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. It also broadcasts news, talk shows and other informative programs and covers the mid Terai region of Nepal. The four districts of Dhaulagiri zone, namely Parbat, Baglund, Myagdi and Mustang are the major focus of the radio from geographical perspectives. However, the coverage of the program goes beyond the zone alone.