Radio Stations in Nepal

No matter how rapidly the country advances, there’s no one that befriends the inhabitants of the nation during times of load shedding just like a radio does.

The radio channels broadcast a wide range of programs to suit everyone’s taste. So, here is the list of the major radio channels in the country.

Radio Stations in the Country

Radio Nepal 792 kHz

Radio Upatyaka 87.6 MHz

Radio Masti 87.9 MHz

Nepaliko Radio 88.8 MHz

Radio Mirmire 89.4 MHz

Ujjyalo FM 90.0 MHz

Times FM 90.6 MHz

Hits FM (Nepal) 91.2 MHz

Nepal FM 91.8 MHz

Capital FM 92.4 MHz

Gorkha FM 93.0 MHz

Mero FM 93.5 MHz

Citizen FM 94.0 MHz

Metro FM 94.6 MHz                                       

Star FM 95.2 MHz

Kantipu FM 96.1 MHz

Voice of Youth 96.8 MHz

Headlines & News FM 97.2 MHz

Image FM 97.9 MHz

Keeps 98.3 98.3 MHz

Radio City 98.8 MHz

Maitri FM 99.4 MHz

Star FM  95.2 MHz

Radio Nepal 100.0 MHz

ABC Samachar Radio 100.6 MHz

Classic FM 101.2 MHz

Gopi Krishna FM 101.8 MHz

Radio Sagarmatha 102.4 MHz                                    

BBC World Service 103.0 MHz                                   

Image News FM (Nepal) 103.6 MHz

ECR FM 104.2 MHz

Radio Adhyatma Jyoti 104.8 MHz

Good News FM 105.1 MHz

Bhaktapur FM 105.5 MHz

CJMC FM 106.0 MHz

Radio Audio 106.3 MHz

Newa FM 106.6 MHz

Radio Namo Buddha 106.7 MHz

TU FM 107 MHz

Radio Bihani 107.4 MHz