Rasbari for dessert

Rasbari, also known as Rasgula in India, is a classic example of milk based dessert. It is not only famous in Nepal but also in South Asia. This especial dessert of Bengoli community has gained much popularity in Nepal as well. This small white milk balls are favorites of many Nepalese, be it children, adult or elders, no one could stay away from gulping this sweet spongy milk balls as soon as they are served. It is very popular during the gatherings and parties and is often served as desserts at the various occasions.

Although it is quite difficult to prepare Rasbari at home, your effort might be worth the result. It does not require anything else except milk, vinegar, sugar, hard work and a little patience. Here is how you prepare it in your own kitchen:


4 cups whole milk

2 tsp vinegar

1.5 cup sugar



Boil milk and add vinegar to it so that the milk in separated into whey (watery part) and solid part. Then, pour it into a clean cotton (muslin) cloth so that you have only the solid part remaining with you. Discard as much water as you can. You can also put it under pressure of some hard and heavy thing like a stone. After discarding all the water, knead the solid milk chunk into smooth and soft dough. Make sure that no bubbles appear on the surface and it becomes very soft. Now, divide the dough into small balls of about an inch or less in diameter.

Next, boil at least three inches water in a deep utensil in low medium heat and add gradually sugar to the boiling water to make light syrup. Then, gently drop the balls in the boiling syrup and cook for about thirty to forty minutes. When done, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Serve it chilled or store it in a container in refrigerator but do not freeze it.