Resunga Bikas Bank Limited (RBBL)

Resunga Bikas Bank Limited (RBBL) is an effort of renowned personalities and professionals for making a mark and contribution in the field of Nepali banking and finance. The bank established by professionals representing the diverse sectors of the society commenced operation on 9th Ashwin 2068 BS as a regional level development bank. The bank is licensed as a “B” class financial institution from Nepal Rastra Bank and has its head office at Tamghas in Gulmi district.

RBBL has been presented as one of the most promising financial institution not only of the region but also of the entire nation as a whole because of the sound policy and good vision of the management, the accountability of the chief executive officer and the hard-working team of the bank. The bank has been providing services to the people of Gulmi district from almost every corner of the district, despite the poor infrastructure there.

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The bank established with the vision of becoming one of the best financial and banking institutions of the country has been starting its business collecting small capital from small place. And, with the support of its stakeholder, regulator and customers, the bank has been operating in profit from the beginning year and has been able to provide remarkable output to the stakeholders. Although it has its head office at Tamghas in Gulmi district, it has been providing its services to its clients and customers through its six branches located at different places of Gulmi district such as Tamghas, Wami, Taksar, Shantiput, Khaireni, Baletaksar, Majuwa and Simaltari. The bank has mobilized fund of Rs 1.58 billion from the small semi-urban area to contribute in local development serving 25000 direct people.

Resunga Bikas Bank Limited, in order to meet the banking and financial needs and demands of its customers, has come up with various schemes such as Normal Saving, Griheni Bachat, Balbalika Swarnim Bachat, Senior Citizen Saving, Apanga Saving, Staff Saving, Student Saving, Resunga Special Saving, Resunga Super Saving and Resunga Super Plus Saving under its deposit scheme and Housing Loan, Overdraft Loan, Education Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Re-Finance Loan, Agriculture Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Personal Loan, Deprived Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit and other loans under its Loan Schemes.

For further details, contact:

Resunga Bikas Bank Limited
Tamghas, Gulmi, Nepal
Tel: +977-79-520715/520995
Fax: +977-79-520248