Revive Spa and Beauty Connection

With the increase in awareness among the people regarding the benefits of massage and spa, the number of spa centers in Nepal is increasing constantly. Adding up to the numerous spas, another on the list is the Revive Spa and Beauty Connection. Situated in Boudha, this spa is owned and operated by a group of women- Laxmi, Tsering, Tsewang Yangzom Sherpa and two others. Opened for the public in 2010, the clients of the spa consist mostly of elderly locals.

revive spa and beauty connection

The spa provides pre-paid service that is targeted especially to this group of people who live alone here and have kids abroad. As most of the youngsters live abroad, they cannot bring their parents to the spa regularly. Hence, to make it convenient for those who can’t depend on their children to bring them to spa regularly, this system was started where the children could make payments in advance directly to the spa and the staffs at the spa offer services to their parents or relatives.

Ayurvedic, Sirodhara, Spinal massage, Hot Stone Therapy massage, Deep Tissue massage, Trekker’s massage, Aroma Therapy massage, Swedish massage, Head and shoulder massage, Reflexology (foot massage) and Thai massage are few among the various different kinds of massage that the Revive spa provides. Also offered in the spa are the body scrub, facial, sauna, steam and manicure and pedicure services. In addition to these services, the spa also runs a full-fledged beauty parlor that serves your hair and beauty needs. Hence, the services this spa provides justify its name Revive Spa and Beauty Connection.

Providing everything under a single roof, Revive Spa is one stop solution for all your mind, body and beauty requirements. So, the next time you feel like pampering your body with massage and beauty care, do not forget to check out Revive Spa and Beauty Connection in Boudha.