RISE, for the rights of the people

RISE stands for Right of Individuals for Social Empowerment, a non-profit organization established in the year 2007. It was formed by a team of dedicated Media personnel with professional experience of more than a decade in the Nepalese media sector and the team consists of a young group of individuals, inclusive of gender, caste and social background.

It believes that if every individual is made aware of their rights, they can build a better future for themselves and participate in empowering and creating a conscious society and nation, hence, RISE educates, advocate and informs individuals of their basic human rights as a Nepali citizen and also about how to exercise their rights correctly.

RISE works as a bridging agent between the media and the different human rights organizations, national and international organizations and the UN agencies and experts as the media is considered to be the fourth vital organ of the nation and it plays an important role in educating and informing the general public and also because the media is required to be made more sensitive towards the different socio-political issues. RISE works to build an alliance to better advocate and campaign on the issues, to initiate dialogue between different stakeholders and create a platform to share the expertise and also to disseminate authentic information about individual rights to the general public through various media tools.

It is committed to sustainable development, social justice and the protection of human rights like right to communicate freely and right to information. It commits to disseminate information and promote sustainable development initiatives in response to the needs of underrepresented and marginalized sectors of society. It works for building a bridge to lessen the communication gap and to improve the availability of information.

The objectives of RISE are as follows:

–          Promoting information collaborations and constructive communication between NGOs, INGOs, government bodies, civil society members and media personnel to develop effective partnership with each other.

–          Networking to strengthen media organizations by boosting its knowledge base and its ability to share information and experiences with strategic allies and other partners in relevant field.

–          Networking for the access, sharing and dissemination of information.

–          Capacity building of local level media houses through workshops and trainings to share resources and information on a single platform.

It has worked in partnership with Norwegian Refugee Council to raise concerns of other marginalized groups like internally displaced people. It has been organizing and participating in various national level workshops to advocate for the rights of the people and to campaign against impunity.