Rivers in Nepal that offer the best of Rafting

The Western Bend Karnali

Most experienced river travelers, who have rafted or kayaked down the Karnali- Nepal’s mightiest river, agree that it is one of the best trips offered anywhere.

Karnali lies in the western part of the nation in what is called the Wild West of Nepal. Rising in the territory of Tibet’s holy Mount Kailash, the Karnali carves the Himalayan landscape into a series of magnificent gorges and canyons as it descends slowly into the forests of western Nepal. Seasonal snow melts and storms can cause the river level to swell drastically and create the extremes of white water rafting.

One highlight of this classic river journey is a 7 km long gorge ‘Thrill-a-minute roller-coaster ride’ with rapids at every bend. Truly though, any season suits the Karnali.


The Holy River Kaligandaki

Named after the goddess of destruction, Kali, the river rises in Mustang and on the northern side of Himalayan range. As it tumbles down between the majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, it creates one of the world’s deepest river canyons. The Kaligandaki is one of Nepal’s finest and most fun medium length rivers, merging great white water with some of the Nepal’s fine scenery and fascinating villages.

This is a rewarding place for birdwatchers and with signs of mongoose, monkeys,leopards and otters.


The Raging River Marsyangdi

The Marsyangdi is one of the best white water rafting and kayaking in the world. It is steep, powerful and challenging. It is the wildest commercially run white water in the world. With usually clean blue water, the river drops down from the Annapurna range.

With the awe inspiring, breathtaking backdrop of the Damodar and Annapurna ranges, it is a photographers dream. From Ngadi, downstream, to the end of the trip at Bimalnagar, it is solid whitewater. Rapids are steep, technical, and consecutive, making the Marshyangdi a serious undertaking. For people looking for a trip with a lot of demanding whitewater and great mountain scenery, the Marshyangdi is hard to beat. This is the river that demands respect.


The River of Gold Sun Koshi

This is the longest river trip offered in Nepal, navigating 270 km through the beautiful Mahabharat Range on its way from the put-in point at Dolalghat to the take-out point at Chatara, far down on the Gangetic Plain. Sun Koshi river trip is quite an experience.


The Jewel of East Nepal Tamur

The first commercial run on Tamur was in 1990 and there have been very few descents since then. The trip combines one of the best short Himalayan treks with a challenging and exhilarating river journey. Tamur drains the snow of the mighty Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, and flows through a truly beautiful and unspoiled gorge. The superb sandy beaches, few villages and limited agriculture along the river provide Tamur with the most pristine rafting environment in Nepal.


The Blast of Monsoon Trishuli

The Trishuli  experience is ideal for those seeking an introduction to rafting . Boasting of spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and traditional villages,  Trishuli is much more than just an enjoyable ride.


100% Adranaline Rush at Bhote Koshi

Drawing amazing and mystifying power from high in the Bhot (Tibet), the Bhote Koshi River  tumbles into Nepal through breathtaking valleys.

Continuous, challenging and action-packed, the Bhote Koshi offers nothing but the ride of a lifetime. A stupendous setting, thrilling drops, gorges and limestone formations welcome you into another dimension where your instinct becomes your driving force and your body is your best ally. Both experienced and novice paddlers will agree that this is the Ultimate Experience.