Rodhi Ghar

In the Gurung community of Nepal, Rodhi is a club for the teenagers, usually for the age group of 10/11. It is an ideal institution for entertainment under the supervision of an adult. The adult, an experienced lady for the girls and man for the boys, voluntarily helps them and allows them to use her/his house as dormitory. This house then is called Rodhi.

Those who are in Rodhi remain together until the age of 17/18 or till they are married. The membership usually consists of 12 to 15 people. All the members of the Rodhi usually work together in the field or go together to fetch woods from the forest. Sometimes, one Rodhi invites other to help them in the fields.

In the hill areas, Rodhi is an ideal substitution for entertainment or recreation. In urban areas, however, the meaning of Rodhi is slightly modified and instead of being a dormitory for the teenagers, it has become more like the restaurants for dohori (Nepali folk songs) songs. It has become a complete entertainment hub for all age groups.