Rum Doodle for dinner

Rum Doodle is an ultimate trekker’s stop in the Himalayan country serving amazing cuisines and drinks. And not only the summiteers but it caters to everyone else as well. The non-smoking eating area has extensive tables largely meant for groups, a huge yet not-quite-interesting bar, a fireplace and a small temple inside the eating area making it one of the good choices in town for a cozy dinner.

rum doodle

The menu is diverse with limited offers on major cuisines and a few special offers from the kitchen. There are also other fast food dishes like mo:mo, chicken chili and other such things which are not bad after all. Rum Doodle, however, has a very Nepali approach to eating. The chicken basket is filled with thin and crispy crackers cream creamy sauce fillings and small bite of chicken makes the miniature basket. The fillings are delicious with the flavors that are mild and it is served with some Tabasco. You might also use sauce with it. The barbecue chicken wings aren’t too spicy and are prepared with basic seasoning, the wings are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The golden texture and the inviting smell of the wings increase your appetite. It is accompanied by spicy salad and a well balanced dose of interesting flavors.  Ginger prawns dressed in thick sauce accompany the fried Basmati rice dotted with diced vegetables for the main course. The sauce and its flavor are enough for captivating your taste buds.

Another house special here is the jade chicken, the finely chopped chicken infused with herbs made into bite size balls cooked in a similar sauce and served with rice. The yogurt cake that comes with a crunchy base and a slightly sour topping is the most amazing dessert among the desserts that they serve. However, the chocolate mousse served here is more chocolate and less mousse. Located in Thamel, opposite to Kilroy’s on the street to Jyatha, one could visit Rum Doodle for dinner with minimum of Rs 3000 for meal and drinks for two.