Sabal-Nepal for sanitation and hygiene

One of the established non-profit NGO in Saptari district working in the field of development and disaster with special focus on water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, Sabal-Nepal, also works for the community development and peace building through raising awareness, working with school, alliance building and service delivery with right based approach to the community people as well as policy makers, development workers and civil society.

To aware the people on every level and to make them responsible by informing, involving and empowering on the matters of environment conservation through sustainable development is what they consider as their main objective. While they consider promoting safety and security to people on regards of poverty alleviation, especially to the vulnerable group from any environmental consequences as their ultimate goal.

Although it is a newly formed NGO, it has been working as a youth club for people’s welfare for more than a decade now. It had been working with UNICEF and the local and national stakeholders such as Oxfam GB, SEAM Nepal, District Development Committee, Municipality, Water, Sanitation and Sewerage Division Office, etc. Hence, it has wider perspective and experience when considered to be working in the field of development and disaster management.

It has been appreciated and acknowledged by District WASH Cluster Sunsari as one of the best NGOs working in disaster management, particularly in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion. It had served around 28,000 Koshi Flood victims in 2008. Since then, it has been working actively with WASH cluster to improve its capacity and service to the disaster victims. It has been working with the Rajbiraj Municipality for urban slums and UNICEF, DDC and WSSDO to provide water and sanitation to the highly vulnerable communities. It has already served around seventeen VDCs within a short period of time and has actively promoted and raised awareness among the people for the need of sanitation. Its slogan goes like this “jekar ghar me charpi nai, okar ghar me sadi nai” meaning “will not marry in the house that does not have a toilet”. Under this movement as well, it has been able to openly declare many VDCs as ‘dishamukta chetra’ (feces-free area). The team of 20 staff members led by Deepak Kumar Jha has been actively working to improve the services provided by SabalNepal to the people.

For contact:


Rajbiraj-1 (Lekhnath Adarsh Library, Adalat Road)

Saptari, Nepal

Tel: +977-31-523441