Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital

Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital, a leading public hospital of Sagarmatha zone is located in Rajbiraj, the district headquarters of Sagarmatha zone, and has been providing medical services to the people residing in this zone many decades now. The hospital is run by a team of highly professional and well experienced doctors and medical personnel who have been providing the required medical services to the people in the district.

Located in a quiet and peaceful environment, Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital is facilitated by the emergency wards, outpatient department, clinical services, and pathological laboratories for analysis of urine, stool and blood samples, ICU services and many others. As it is a public hospital, the services provided are affordable due to which, it has become a prime centre for the people belonging to the backward and poor villages. The hospital is well equipped with modern instruments and facilities.

sagarmatha hospital

Being operated by the team of highly trained and experienced doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, it has expanded its bed capacity to 100 along with newly constructed buildings for the different departments. The hospital is well managed and clean which facilitates the patients with neat, peaceful and healthy environment in order to reduce nosocomial infections. Also the hospital is provided with other departments like Food and Nutrition, First Aids, Family planning, child health, maternal health, etc. It also has the facility of safe delivery for the pregnant women as well as the abortion services aiding in reduction of maternal and child mortality. It also conducts health camps, blood donation programs, and public awareness programs highlighting the importance of health facilities to the village communities. The hospital is provided with Ambulance services in case of emergency.

With the establishment of this hospital a lot of people in the region has been benefitted, specially the villagers and with the good health facilities they are now living a healthy and prosperous life free from diseases.