Samaj School of Dentistry

With increasing awareness of people regarding the oral health, the students have been attracted towards the oral and dental health. With many educational and academic institutions providing dental and oral health education, the number of students graduating has increased tremendously. One among the many academic institutions for dental health is Samaj School of Dentistry.

Established by the team of Samaj Dental Hospital with the aim of producing middle level human resources as per the demand of the nation in the field of dentistry, Samaj School Dentistry is located at Bouddha, Mahankal in Kathmandu. The school affiliated to CTEVT/ Government of Nepal is backed by the team of highly motivated doctors and professionals with many years of experience in the field of dentistry. The school, well aware of the complexity of contemporary dental treatment and challenges, aims to prepare its students to provide world class dental services to the patients.

Samaj School of Dentistry

The three year course offered by the school focuses on producing middle level human resources in the promotive dental care, preventive and curative dental services at the hospital as well as the field. The school has adapted the kind of teaching and learning activities that promotes independent thinking, problem solving skills and value for continued professional education and lifelong learning. Samaj School of Dentistry has a well managed building with fully equipped dental hospital and twenty four specialists and dental surgeons.

The laboratories for dental, physics, chemistry, botany and zoology and computer science is fully equipped with multimedia facilities and is fully functional as well. The school also has a well stocked library with all the necessary resources available in the subject. The classrooms are comfortable and spacious with limited number of students in each class encouraging teaching- student interactions. The faculty consists of highly experienced and dedicated teachers who use modern methodology such as overhead projectors, film sides, video cassettes, etc. for teaching so that the students would be able to grasp the information easily. Each student is given individual guidance and counseling and the classes are provided with guest lectures by highly experienced professionals at regular intervals. The school also offers scholarships to the competent and deserving students as well as to those who come from weak financial background, remote areas and backward communities. The school has its own hospital for practice and has also collaborated with foreign dental organizations and hospitals for placements of the students. The minimum qualification required for the admission in the school is the clearance of SLC or TSLC examination from a recognized institution or board.

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