Sankata Ganesh

The temple famous for removing any and every kind of obstacles, Sankata Ganesh temple is located in Sankata area near Newroad, Kathmandu. People from all over Kathmandu, as well as many parts of Nepal come to worship the god here as they believe that worshiping in the temple will take away all their troubles despite their nature. People offer laddu to the god as it is his favorite sweet and when people have their wishes fulfilled, they often come with kilos of the sweet to offer to him.

Lord Ganesh is worshipped for the removal of obstacle in one’s life, be it personal, professional or legal, worshipping here is believed to solve all of them. However, he also places obstacles in the path of those who needs to be checked and treated a lesson in their life.

sankata ganesh

The Hindus as well as the Buddhists of Nepal worship in the temple. It is also said that he, using his broken tusk that he often holds, wrote down the parts of the great epic Mahabharat. The statue of Lord Ganesh is red in color, as he is depicted most of the time. The temple is build on the basis of Yang principle and roof of the temple is in pyramid shape. The temple is small and is located in a junction where the roads coming from Sankata, Newroad, Sundhara and Kathmandu Mall meet. As the temple is on the middle of the road, people are often seen worshiping inside the temple or ringing the bell or touching the temple or just bowing in front of the temple while they walk their way past it. Some people usually walk around the temple before they go their way. People walking past the temple makes sure that the temple comes in their right hand side, which is considered to be the auspicious side. The Sankata Ganesh is worshiped basically for the removal of troubles and smooth function of the work.